Top Industries Hiring in 2015 - From Hire Initiatives

hireinitiatives_logo_july2015Hiring Trends for 2015 and Beyond

Graduating from college? Looking to start a career where the most growth is?  Hire Initiatives recently asked the same question...where are the jobs? What are the top industries offering employment in today's economic market and beyond? We researched and read articles from industry leaders, top research firms and respected publications.

Our findings have been compiled in the list below of "the fields most likely to show strong revenue and employment growth" in 2015 and beyond.

healthHealthcare and Insurance

Projected to grow by 19.5% between now and 2020, the aging boomer population and the new government regulations guarantee that the healthcare industry will not slow down any time soon.

Engineering Servicesengineering

With our improved economic outlook and governmental lift on budgetary restrictions, this industry "is expected to hire thousands" as spending on infrastructure increases. Growth is predicted to rise at a rate of 19%.

Management Consultingmanagement

"With an 18% growth rate from now until 2020, profitability - and demand for new hires - has been climbing as the economy recovers and companies invest more in strategy."

Finance and Accountingfinance

Financial regulations will continue to keep auditors busy for quite some time. Projected to grow 17%, "more globalization will also lead to more cross-border corporate deals that require expertise in U.S. accounting standards."

Wireless and Cyber Securitywireless

Demand for "advanced wireless consumer electronics, such as smartphones," and consumer reliance on e-commerce websites, will see a surge of hiring for technologists who can make sure our information stays safe while assimilating "existing WiFi and mobile networks." Growth of approximately 16% is expected 2020.

Software Developmentsoftware

This is an area where the need for talent continues to grow strong. In addition to the necessity for "traditional" software engineers, our increasing dependence on mobile technology predicts "that demand for smartphone app developers in particular will soar at an annual rate of 37.6%, far outpacing the projected 15.5% growth rate of the software business as a whole."

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