MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Haul Over - Newburyport

HaulOver_july2015As our next member spotlight, we had the opportunity of meeting with Mike Campbell of The Haul Over. The Haul Over is a new activewear retailer downtown. Mike Campbell lived in Colorado for 5 years after graduating college, where he developed a passion for the outdoors. Mike then moved to Nantucket where he painted houses, then co-owned an ice cream shop.  A few years later, a store in Nantucket, called the Haul Over, expressed interest in selling. Mike bought the store and developed the retail side of the business. Today he sells a variety of different brands for men, women, and children such as: Patagonia, The North Face, Sanuk, Toms, and more.

While owning and managing his Nantucket store, Mike met Paul (the former owner of the Alpine Shop) through his Patagonia rep and Paul had expressed interest in closing his shop. Mike saw many similarities between Nantucket and Newburyport, such as the New Englandy feel, similar architecture, and even street names. After some research, Mike found out that original settlers in Newburyport are the same ones that had founded and settled in Nantucket, hence the similarities. Mike decided that Newburyport would be a valuable place to expand his business, so he opened up the Haul Over on Liberty Street where the Alpine Shop used to be.
Mike has been successful in his entrepreneurial ventures, from running an ice cream shop to owning and expanding his own business, the Haul Over. He loves to work with his younger workers where he gets to act as a mentor as well as have a good time. There are always “good vibes” in the Haul Over.

Mike runs into the same challenges as other small businesses, but he has been successful in overcoming them. As he has expanded his store, he has learned to trust the people that he hires and give them autonomy. 

Mike is impressed with the active local business community in Newburyport and he has assimilated into the community easily because of the supportive community.

Haul Over - Newburyport
7 Liberty Street, Newburyport, MA  01950
(978) 465-2543

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