Top Local Business Daily Newsletters

By Chris Johnston

Today there is no way to peruse all the different business e-newsletters that are available to you. It could be a full time job! So how do you sift through the plethora of e-newsletters and figure out ‘ok, I have 5 minutes to read local news. Where should I go?’

Answer: We did it for you!

boston-business-journal_dec2015Boston Business Journal – Your best source for the most in-depth coverage of Massachusetts business news. They do a great job covering news from Boston, North Shore and South Shore. In addition, you’ll get a grasp on ‘people on the move,’ a little bit of legal news and business reviews.

CrainsBoston_dec2015Crain’s Boston – Again, it arrives in your inbox every morning with the top 3-5 headlines from the Greater Boston area.

Daily-News_dec2015Newburyport Daily News – Obviously, this news source extends beyond the business world, but you’ll get important news from the Greater Newburyport area. Always good to know what is going on in your own backyard!

MVM-Noteworthy_dec2015Merrimack Valley Magazine Noteworthy – (Delivered on Sunday morning.) The new kid on the block, MVM has done a great job collecting all the ribbon cuttings, non-profit news and information on local business in their new e-newsletter. Check it out!

After reading these four e-newsletters you should be ready to go!

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