The Weekly Recap and More - Yes, it's been Chamber of Commerce Weather!

SummerSunrise_2016June 27, 2016

I have heard over the past few days….even this morning while getting ready for work from Matt Lauer on the Today show – that is has been “Chamber of Commerce” weather over the past week. It is indeed “Chamber of Commerce” weather in our area of Greater Newburyport! I trust that whether you are a realtor, banker, accountant, captain, restaurateur or retailer that you are busy and getting ready for the summer! Even though we don’t have any control over the weather…we do have control of what is happening on many levels in YOUR Chamber!

Last week was a busy week here at the Chamber. Some highlights of the week for us include attending member events, such as the Atria Merrimack Place Longest Day fundraiser at the Deck, to a special Rotary Club of Newburyport Coast Guard Luncheon to a great event with more than 80 Young Professional attendees at Surfside in Salisbury. In addition we held a Lunch & Learn on Mediation and a meeting of the Chamber’s non-profit members. I attended an important meeting with the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission to hear their plans for a region wide economic development blue print. Finally on Friday we hosted City planners from local Gateway cities that are interested in the history of our urban renewal and how we as a Chamber help to attract tourists and residents from around the region to come to the greater Newburyport area! It was indeed a busy week!

As we begin this final week of June and more “Chamber of Commerce” weather, we look forward to continuing to plan our new music series starting on July 7th – “Music in Market Square” and making the final touches to our "Waterfront Movie Series" which begins on Wednesday, August 10th!

Happy Summer! Let’s make it a great one!

Ann Ormond, President
Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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