What it means to be a top 10 Chamber

ChamberLogo-LargeWebSeptember 28, 2016

David Letterman’s Top 10 is probably the most well-known ‘Top 10 List,’ but every year The Boston Business Journal puts out a list to which the chamber of commerce world pays close attention.

That list is the top-25 chamber of commerce offices in the State of Massachusetts. Once again, we are proud to come in at #10! 

What does this mean?

Great question. 

The editors make the list based on the number of members. Our membership of 750 businesses and organizations is pretty impressive when you look at the chambers ahead of us (Worcester Chamber of Commerce is number one and Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce is number two).  It also means that our business community is alive and strong!

We greatly appreciate the continued support of YOU, our members.  As we continue to focus on making the Greater Newburyport area a great place to do business, please don’t hesitate to make suggestions on how we can improve. 

Thank you again!

The Chamber Staff
Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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