How Can We Support “The Arts”?

art-matters_2017July 2017

Every year I begin my Christmas shopping around December 12th. It’s after my birthday and I feel I deserve my own attention around that day. Throughout the years, and as my son grew and toys were no longer on the wish lists, I turned to doing my shopping locally.

Now we’re lucky to live in a downtown that accommodates so many choices, especially for someone interested in giving (buying/supporting) objects of art, which I do and I am. This year’s choice for us was Valerie’s Gallery on State Street in Newburyport. There I found handmade pieces at prices in my range that were beautiful unique pieces of art. It was a pleasure.

There are many other scenarios however, that exemplify ways of supporting—on purpose—the economy of art that exists in your towns and communities, wherever on this beautiful earth that may be.

art-matters4_2017Supporting the Arts is a personal choice, like deciding that WGBH is something you like, and use, and therefore want to support.

There are collectors here in our city and area dedicated to supporting art. In the corporate world there is Scott Signore at MATTER COMMUNICATION, who once hired me to give his employees a walking art tour of some of Newburyport’s finest Art Locations because he thought it would be fun for them and good for the Art Economy…

…To Dr. Mike Strem of Strem Chemicals, in a sprawling conclave of buildings in Newburyport’s Industrial Park, a worldwide and world class manufacturer who has FILLED his corporate offices, manufacturing and shipping facilities—right down to the LUNCH area—with art, and who gives his employees pieces of art to mark their anniversaries with the company…

art-matters3_2017…To Michael J. Comb, President and CEO at Cell Signaling Technology in Beverly and Danvers, MA whose corporate art collection houses the finest artists this region has to offer, including PEG artists Sorin Bica and Paula Estey, and whose employees are part of the selection process, and whose website under Corporate Social Responsibility lists their “Commitment to the Arts”….

My personal favorite is to purchase art for others—family members; their corporate offices or workplaces; our local hospital.

The list of ways of intentionally, and with great thought, bringing art into our lives is endless. The repercussions are….GLOBAL; for as we support the artist, the gallery, our tastes, the reach extends, onward and outward. The reach extends until…..happiness is felt throughout the land…… )))  

Paula Estey
Paula Estey Gallery
3 Harris Street
Newburyport, MA 01950