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About the Chamber


ChamberLogo-LargeWebOur Vision

The Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce & Industry is a leading membership organization in the port region that advocates for sound, balanced economic development. As a vital organization that represents the diverse interests of our 750+ members who are from many different business sectors and locations, the Chamber speaks as a collective voice on issues that impact business, the economy, and the community at large. Our goal is to represent the entire business community as effectively as possible so that not only businesses thrive, but the region as a whole, and we may continue to experience improvements in our overall quality of life.

Through collaboration, education, legislative forums, informational meetings, networking and advertising opportunities, we provide our members with the information and resources they need to succeed in today’s economy.

Who We Are

The Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce & Industry was founded and incorporated in 1966 by a group of business people who had a vision to form an organization that would be instrumental in key Newburyport urban renewal and development efforts. The new Chamber supported the multi-million-dollar restoration of a very neglected and rundown city and its waterfront in the 70’s, which today is a bustling center of commerce. It also supported the development of three dormant farms into a flourishing industrial park that today houses close to 70 businesses who employ more than 3,000 people and boast a payroll in excess of $95 million.


It is because of this steady economic growth and healthy business development that the Chamber has proudly grown from a handful of members in the early years to more than 800 today, making it one of the largest Chambers in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


As you consider membership in the Chamber, please keep in mind you will get only as much out of your investment as you are willing to put into it. We will do our very best to fulfill our obligation to provide as many benefits as possible to all our members. Likewise, we hope that you will take the time to learn about all your benefits and participate as much as possible in our many Chamber activities including networking events, informative breakfast forums, educational seminars, surveys, committee meetings, and other special events so that you can help us to help you succeed.


Mission Statement

To Support the success of our members and lead in economic development in collaboration with the communities we serve.

To accomplish this mission we will:

  • Provide our membership with the tools, environment, and leadership to to achieve success.

  • Clearly define and communicate to our members the value and benefit of membership.

  • Be inclusive and meaningful to all of our members.

  • Advocate and lead on local, regional, and national issues that affect our members.

  • Encourage, nurture, and attract business to and within the communities we serve.

  • Advocate for the best ecological, economic and environmentally sustainable practices while sustaining the heritage and character of the communities we serve.

  • Continually plan and evolve to meet our mission.

  • Attract new members and sustain growth.

The actions of the chamber board, administration, and staff will always reflect our mission with the highest integrity and values.