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Manufacturing & Industry in Greater Newburyport


We Mean Business - We Mean Manufacturing


Newburyport is home to more than 80 manufacturing businesses in the Lord Timothy Dexter Industrial Park.  We realize the needs of these larger businesses are different from smaller businesses. The Chamber addresses the many issues of our local manufacturers, some of which include maintaining the single tax rate, economic development, swales, workforce/education issues, signage, variances and setbacks, permitting and community betterment.  The Chamber is a voice for business and through our solid relationships with the Mayor, city personnel, and other state elected officials, we lobby and advocate for Greater Newburyport to keep our city in the forefront to maintain a “seat at the table” with our legislators.

Employers choose to have their businesses here because of the close proximity to Routes 1, 95 and 495 and the wonderful quality of life, which in turn attracts employees.  Our manufacturing businesses that employ thousands play a large role in the success of this community’s economic vitality.

Why Join?

  • Certificates of Origin – A chamber of commerce is one of the few organizations certified to verify certificates of origin. This service is free for members only.


  • Tax Rate – We save you thousands of dollars! The Chamber is a vocal advocate for maintaining a single tax rate in Newburyport! Every year Chamber representatives attend City Council meetings to speak on behalf of this issue. Our mission is to support a taxation system that will keep our manufacturing sector competitive.


  • Stay Informed - No business can exist in a vacuum. Knowledge is power and the Chamber regularly keeps businesses abreast of issues by sending timely emails and inviting elected officials to address the membership with news from the State House and our Nation’s Capitol. Membership allows you to keep your fingers on the pulse of ever-changing economic issues that can have an impact on your business.


  • Open Houses – The Chamber coordinates open houses in the industrial park for both chamber members and the residential community as a whole to educate and increase awareness of the manufacturing industry in our community. We hope to build a bridge to the residents who are often unaware of the types of industry in their own backyard. Our mission is to promote and enhance a positive business image for manufacturing.


  • Economic Development Committee – The Chamber has an economic development committee that meets monthly to address these issues. Committee members include the Mayor, City Council representatives, City Planner and chamber members.


  • Community Stewardship & Responsibility – Join your fellow 750 chamber members and show your commitment to a thriving and vibrant business community, now and into the future, that you and your neighboring businesses benefit from.


  • Free Job Listings – Post any employment opportunities you may have on the Chamber's Job Listings webpage!


  • Free Commercial Real Estate Listings – Post your commercial property you have available for sale or lease on the Chamber’s Commercial Real Estate webpage and save thousands of dollars in advertising!  Click here to post your listing.


  • Advocacy – The Chamber is the voice for business.  We are an influential and highly respected business organization keeping a vigilant eye on business issues and helping elected officials shape the future of our city.  We monitor and respond to local initiatives that either enhance or limit the ability of local manufacturers to grow.  Elected officials often turn to the Chamber for our input and partnership on important issues of the day. Issues include:


    • Swales and other flooding in the Park

    • Tax Increment Financing (TIF) -- The Chamber collaborated with city and state officials to successfully obtain a state TIF for both Bradford and Bigelow and Mark Richey Woodworking which allowed them to relocate their headquarters to Newburyport, employing hundreds of people.

    • Permitting & Variances

    • Clean Energy & Wind Turbines

    • Parking

    • Waterfront Development



The Park is a thriving group of businesses where you will find, among other industries:

  • Manufacturers of polyurethane foams used in the packaging, medical, furniture & bedding industries. 
  • Manufacturers of active pharmaceutical ingredients. 
  • Manufacturers of sanitary stainless steel conveyors and engineered material-handling equipment for the food and pharmaceutical industries. 
  • Alternative energy, transportation, electronics 
  • Microprocessors, LEDs, semiconductors
  • Manufacturers of paints and coatings
  • Producers of fine desserts

Strong and Established Relationships with Elected Officials

The Chamber advocates first and foremost on behalf of our members. We host city and state elected officials and other distinguished speakers at events throughout the year to provide important updates on issues affecting the Greater Newburyport region at both the state and national level.


(L) Sheriff Frank Cousins, Charlie Baker and chamber board members at the Chamber’s 2010 Annual Meeting.  (R) U.S. Representative John F. Tierney and other elected officials on the Newburyport Boardwalk.

What Our Manufacturing Members are Saying

“The Greater Newburyport Chamber provides an excellent resource to support the local business and community needs.  The breakfast meetings offer an opportunity to network with local business leaders and are informative.  L-3 Maritime Systems (Henschel) has been a long term member of the Chamber and will continue to support its mission to help our businesses to succeed.”
                                                                                     --- Don S. Roussinos, President L-3 Maritime Systems

“The Chamber of Commerce & Industry is the focal organization in the area.  Its efforts in regard to the single tax have directly impacted the business community.  Additionally, it provides educational seminars on a variety of topics targeting not only small business but in many cases larger and more established ones as well.  With the networking opportunities that the mixers offer, it is hard to believe that any business in the area isn’t a member.”
                                                                                     --- Ray Nippes, Vice President, Bixby International

“I think that the Greater Newburyport Chamber gives companies exposure to organizations like the MVWIB which can be beneficial.  The Merrimack Valley Workforce Investment Board can help companies find employees and training programs for new employees.  In addition, the chamber can help companies learn how to receive training grants from the state for incumbent workers.”
                                                                                     --- Michael J. Munday, President/CEO, Arwood Machine Corp.

“Membership in the Chamber is a great investment!  B&B uses the Chamber as a resource for sourcing local attorneys, architects and contractors. B&B staff members attend the various seminars and the Chamber Team has been very helpful providing guidance on various permitting issues as they arise. The Chamber was instrumental in working with us and the Mayor’s office on obtaining a TIF – a major factor in our decision to relocate to Newburyport.  Quite frankly, a business that is not a Chamber member is operating at a disadvantage in the Newburyport Community.”
                                                                                     --- John Galligan, President, Bradford & Bigelow


Thinking of Moving or Establishing Your Business Here?

Businesses also choose to establish or relocate their company in Greater Newburyport for many reasons:  The diversity and quality of local talent in the area, the ease of access to both Routes 95 and 495, and the close proximity to Boston.  There is commuter rail service, bus service and we are just minutes away from both Logan International Airport and Manchester Airport in New Hampshire. And of course, employers have access to some of the best educated students in the world including Harvard, MIT and other local colleges and universities. Potential employees are greatly attracted to this part of New England.

Find more information on growing and relocating a business, tax incentives, financing, licensing and permitting and more by visiting the Official Website of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development (EOHED).

Check out Newburyport’s City Information page to learn about the demographics of Greater Newburyport.

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