How to Join the Chamber


Your Investment

Whether yours is a large or small business, Membership in The Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce & Industry is a wise investment. Membership allows you to become actively involved in the community, easily meet potential customers, exchange ideas and creative business solutions with over 800 like-minded professionals with whom you might not otherwise come in contact, and stay informed on key issues facing business owners and professionals in today’s fast-paced economy.


Membership Dues Structure

Dues are based on the total number of actual employees within the organization. Membership is for one year or any 12 month period.

General Membership
Includes retailers, wholesalers, restaurants, corporations, sales, services, manufacturers, utilities and professionals (accountants, architects, attorneys, dentists, physicians, brokers, etc.).

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$335 Self-Employed and up to 3 people in the organization

Next 7 employees (Employee 4 - 10) $ 12.25/ea.
Next 10 employees (Employee 11 - 20) $ 10.58/ea.
Next 30 employees (Employee 21 - 50) $ 7.80/ea.
Next 50 employees (Employee 51 - 100) $ 5.56/ea.
Next 100 employees (Employee 101 - 200) $ 3.34/ea.
Next 200+ employees (Employee 201+) $ 1.11/ea.

Financial Institutions

$ 182.51 for first million
$ 52.46 per million for $2 - 10M
$ 5.09 per million over $10M

Commercial Building Owners; Inns/Lodging; Apartment Owners
$ 335.00 for first 10 units
$ 3.90 each additional unit

Non-Profit and Civic Organizations
Half of the calculated value of a General Membership (Based on number of employees)
Second Businesses
Half of the calculated value of a General Membership (Based on number of employees)

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For more information:

Contact Anne Wilt at or 978-462-6680 x14.

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College & University Student Membership
Special Rate - $25

Add practical experience to your classroom experience!
The Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce & Industry is committed to helping bridge the gap between higher education and the world of business. As part of this initiative, the Chamber is offering students enrolled in local colleges and universities an exclusive opportunity to get connected with the Greater Newburyport business community. The Chamber encourages the growth and development of our young, educated students as they prepare to enter today’s workforce. Whether you are a junior, senior or graduate student, you can get a head start on your networking and professional development. 

You can join one of the largest Chambers in the state at a special annual membership rate of just $25 and take advantage of the following Student Membership benefits for twelve full months.* 

Networking Opportunities

  • Over 80% of all jobs are landed through networking!

  • Make social and professional connections with business leaders and elected officials with whom you might not otherwise come in contact. Lay the foundation for a successful business career.

  • Meet potential mentors.

  • Monthly networking mixers. Meet and mingle with local business people after working hours in a fun, hip settings. Practice the networking and negotiation skills you need to transition into the business world. Get a head start on building your “social capital.” Student members attend for free.

  • Monthly breakfast forums. Get informed on local community & political issues as well as business trends.

  • Attend the Chamber’s annual boat cruise outing in August.

 Practical Education

  • Learn about business issues from experienced business people.

  • Attend monthly educational seminars and learn practical business skills including marketing, sales, networking, social media, financial management, etc.

  • You will receive the Chamber’s weekly TGIMonday! email.

Future Employment

  • Potential employers perceive applicants’ community involvement as a sign of ambition, initiative and leadership.

  • Access to business leaders may lead to job referrals and/or internships.

Click here for a Student Membership Application >> Click here!

For more information:

Contact Chris Johnston at or 978-462-6680 x13.

* Student members do not have voting privileges in the Chamber.